M82200-9/UM PECVD
  • M82200-9/UM PECVD

M82200-9/UM PECVD

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M82200-9/UM PECVD utilizes direct plasma deposition process to grow high quality anti-reflection coating on the surface of solar cell. It is one of the tube film coating devices with the largest per stack capacity. 详情
  • Benefits:
    1. 420mm quartz tube to achieve 1800 pcs/h throughput (4 stacks, 308 pcs/stack/run).
    2. 300-600°C temperature control range to meet the process requirements of film coating and wafer annealing.
    3. N2O (laughing gas) pipeline and operation software reserved for anti-PID process.
    4. Excellent film uniformity: within wafer ≤ ± 3%, wafer to wafer ≤ ± 3% and run to run ≤ ± 2%.
    5. Full-automatic loading and unloading system, onekey process control and complete alarm and protection function.
  • 特点
  • Configuration


    Process Performance

    Film uniformity:within wafer ≤±3%, wafer to wafer ≤±3%, run to run ≤±2%

    Refractive index uniformity: ≤±0.02


    308 pcs/stack, ≥1800 pcs/h (4-stack)

    Temperature Control

    Flat temperature zone: 1370mm

    Range: 300 – 600°C

    Method: 5-section cascade control with internal and external thermocouples

    Precision: ≤±2°C/1250mm

    Stability: ≤±2°C/4h (at 450°C)

    Pressure Control

    Range: 1600mTorr, ±300mTorr adjustable

    Ultimate vacuum: ≤1Pa

    Air leakage rate: ≤ 1 Pa/min after pump stopped and valve closed

    Vacuum recovery speed: AP à 30 mTorr ≤ 2min

    Boat Conveyor

    Double SiC stainless steel or cantilever bar boat conveyor, with continuously adjustable transfer speed of 0 – 3500mm/min

    Positioning precision: ≤±0.5mm

    Max load: ≥25kg

    Gas Piping System

    4 pipelines with MFC control, precision ≤±1%F.S, leakage rate ≤10-7Pa.m3/s


    Furnace door conditions; air pressure, N2 pressure, water flow pressure and process; special gas valves

    System Dimension

    10070mmx 1960mm x 3070mm (L x W x H, including vacuum pump)


    Peak power: ≤280KVA, heat preservation: ≤ 100KVA (4-stack)



    Control Method

    Automatic process control and real-time process parameter and procedure monitoring, with fault diagnosis, alarm and protection functions.

    Alarm and Safety

    Voice and light indicator for process status; alarm for computer fault and over-temperature; alarm and protection for under-temperature, MFC deviation, reaction chamber pressure deviation and ultimate temperature


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  • At present, in the solar cell industry, PECVD devices are used to deposit silicon nitride antireflection coatings.
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