The unattended operation energy system was completed successfully in the islands of the South China

Resource:Original Click:13953 Publish:2017-01-05

With the chilly wind in Changsha, three stuff, in system engineering section, No.10 business division, NO. 48 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, rushed to a South Sea Island in Christmas Eve, and in there, with the scorching sun and blowing wind , they completed the task of constructing unattended operation energy system in islands after half a month of hard work.


The unattended operation energy system in islands is the power supply system researched for major special projects of MIIT, namely “unattended operation remote monitoring system in XX Island”, in the form of wind-solar complementary to provide energy. To guarantee the stable operation in the harsh natural environment in islands, this system has the ability to prevent salt mist, lightning stroke and scale 12 typhoons. The level-to-level administration of system energy can achieve automatic control of power routing according to load priority; meanwhile, it equip with remote control system, the capacity to acquire generated energy, load power, weather situation, etc. And if necessary, it also can turn off or open specific device.