CETC48 Intelligent PV Manufacturing Solutions to Achieve PERC Average Eff. of 21.5%

Resource:Original Click:13226 Publish:2018-01-03

On Dec. 12th 48th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (herein after  refer as “CETC4848””)  held an advanced PV equipment and intelligent manufacturing system integration services conference in Changsha, based on advanced domestic equipment CETC48 is first company in the PV industry to release "High Efficient Cell Intelligent Manufacturing Overall Turnkey Solution".

CETC48 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation which has 13 science and technology innovation platform such as the National Photovoltaic Equipment Engineering Center and other state-level, provincial Level key laboratories, engineering centers and etc, it is leader of a national large-scale IC manufacturing equipment, advanced photovoltaic equipment, new flat panel display equipment, Battery manufacturing equipment and complete sets of process engineering, with IC system integration capabilities and integrated PV industry chain turnkey capabilities.

During the conference CETC48 launched a series of high efficiency cell core equipment and technology. Among them, high-capacity tube PECVD and back passivation plate PECVD attract intense market attention. High-capacity tube PECVD technology with superior performance can reach capacity of 416pcs/hr per single tube, 3600pcs/hr per five tube production. It is the word's largest single unit capacity. CETC48 back passivation plate PECVD successfully break the foreign monopoly situation, its coating uniformity and consistency achieves the same level of foreign equipment and fill the gap. The green, intelligent upgrade low-pressure diffusion furnace, laser ablation, test sorting, battery printing line, black silicon cashmere equipment, etc. were also released at this conference.

In September 2016 CETC48 completed and run into operation the first 100MW high efficiency PERC cell intelligent manufacturing demonstration workshop, successful realized the implementation of the key technology of high efficiency PERC cell domestically. Through the AGV trolley, six-axis robot, and automation equipment the workshop automatic delivery of logistics and quality online monitoring can be realized. In September 2017 CETC48 run into operation a 500MW high efficient PERC cell intelligent and a 600MW high efficiency panel intelligent manufacturing plan. Meanwhile, the smart manufacturing solution successfully implemented its promotion in the PV industry.

Currently CETC48's PERC cell average efficiency is >21.5%,  workshop  personnel is70% less, workshop productivity is 20% more, operating costs is 20% less and product rejects is 30% less, in the workshop the localization rate of equipment reaches over 90%, reducing the investment cost by 35%. 

After the conference, the above products and services of the company will be fully introduced to the market, providing customized and domestically produced "efficient cell + intelligent manufacturing solutions" to global PV companies.